Here’s Why I Don’t Go to Shul (25-Minute Podcast)

Here’s Why I Don’t Go to Shul (25-Minute Podcast)

Last week, I was interviewed for about my unconventional approach to prayer. is a new site, initiated by Yeshivat Har Etsion, dedicated to exploring the topic of women and mitzvot. I think my interviewer Rachel Weber Leshaw did a fantastic job, prompting me with her great questions to speak out publicly for the first time about a topic that has bothered me for a very long time: JewishMOM shul-guilt.


  1. I really enjoyed listening to your interview. I have to say this is me, as well.

  2. I also really enjoyed. I’ve learned a lot from your blog and books re connecting to Hashem during day to day life as well as the importance of self-care.
    I don’t remember if this has come up before, but I just wanted to point out the gap people may feel between connecting to the formal tefillot and talking to Hashem in your own words. During a mothering period when I barely davenned at home or in shul I remember that when I did open the siddur I felt as if I had left my regular world (i.e., family) and entered a semi-forgotten part of Judaism. Sometimes I wondered how these words were relevant and sometimes I was grateful for the wider perspective on Hashem and Judaism.
    Also, when I had 2 very small children my Rav A”H told me what the bare minimum of formal daily tefillot were so that I could fit them in. (blessings before Torah learning, Shema – 1st verse only, and a short “techina” – tehillim or other request)

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