That Jewish Chanukah Moment by Sari Kopitnikoff

That Jewish Chanukah Moment by Sari Kopitnikoff

For the past 5 years, JewishMOM Sari Kopitnikoff has been posting her “Thank-God-I’m-Jewish” moments for her (as of today, almost, wow!) 20,000 Instagram followers ( I just read through Sari’s new book, a collection of her posts, called
That Jewish Moment: Positive Thoughts and Moments from Life as an Observant Jew. And so many of her posts moved me to tears, because, yes, I love those moments too! And yes, I agree Sari, I feel SO IMMENSELY grateful for all those Jewish moments in my life! Here’s a little taste from the book:

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  1. I love Sari’s artwork too! I have been a fan for many years- she really knows how to capture each moment..down to all the minute details, facial expressions.. Keep it coming Sari!

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