My 24th Anniversary Sea Glass

My 24th Anniversary Sea Glass

Josh and I just got back from an overnight trip to Tel Aviv to celebrate our 24th anniversary. Early this morning, I went on my own to the beach to daven, and I noticed these pieces of sea glass.

At the entrance to the beach, I’d seen signs announcing that it’s strictly prohibited to bring glass bottles onto the beach. Lest they break. But I guess somebody, somewhere, did bring a glass bottle to a beach and it shattered. And I bet those pieces of broken glass cut a bunch of bare feet before they rocked around in the waves for long enough, for years or decades even, until they got smoothed out, edges soft, even pleasant, to the touch. Those pieces of glass reminded me of myself, once a young wife and mother, getting broken, over and over, edges sharp and cutting. And how, after decades of marriage and motherhood, riding the waves, up and down, softened those once cutting edges, and my heart too.


  1. Happy anniversary! May you be blessed with many, many more!

  2. Happy Annyversary! I love this picture, how you’re holding those pieces of glass with your wedding ring showing. BEAYTIFUL

  3. Chana Jenny, you always have such nice lessons learnt from seemingly everyday things! Mazal Tov and may Hashem bless you and your husband with many happy years together in health with lots of yiddeshe nachas.

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