Chizuk for a Depressed Corona Kallah by Rabbi Fischel Schachter

Chizuk for a Depressed Corona Kallah by Rabbi Fischel Schachter

A few days ago I told you about my daughter’s best friend, Maia, who has to get married at a synagogue with only her parents and siblings present on account of new Ministry-of Health regulations barring gatherings of more than 10 people. You JewishMOMs sent in over 1000 mazal tovs from around the world, and my daughter told me Maia was moved to tears by your outpouring of love and blessings. Thank you!
At this moment, Maia is at her downsized wedding. Maia invested weeks of effort planning the wedding of her dreams with 450 guests, and the current state of events is so disappointing for Maia and for so many brides in the same boat today.
I heard this video from Rabbi Fischel Schachter this morning, and quickly added subtitles to make it easier for (Hebrew-speaking, Moroccan) Maia to understand Rabbi Schachter’s Yiddish-y English. Please pass this on to other couples in need of chizuk right now…
Mazal tov Maia and Avidan! I wish I could be there with you, but I’m dancing and celebrating with you in my heart!!!


  1. This gave me so much chizuk, thank you, and I’m not even a kallah! Keep well everyone.

  2. What a beautiful concept! Definitely going to share this one!

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