My Daughter’s Surprising Blood Test

My Daughter’s Surprising Blood Test

This morning my oldest daughter, 22-year-old Hadas, had to do a blood test. Hadas is a courageous young woman. Unusually so. That is, usually she is. But her courage dashes for cover when needles and blood enter the picture.
Hadas had been dreading this blood test for weeks. And early this morning, on her way out to the clinic, I told her about the techniques I use to distract myself during uncomfortable procedures.
And then, about an hour later, Hadas sent me a surprising message: “The blood test was awesome.”
Strange. Blood tests can be “bearable,” or “nearly painless.” But awesome? Never.
When Hadas came home she was visibly excited: “Eema, listen, it was amazing. I’ve always been so terrified of getting blood tests and the pain. But I decided this time that, instead of distracting myself from the pain, I’ll focus on it. Experience it fully. And I realized it wasn’t even really painful after all.”
And isn’t that, also, what these days leading up to Yom Kippur are all about? The rest of the year we distract ourselves from the pain, from what’s broken in our lives. We’re too busy running around and making rationalizations to feel what hurts. But during the Aseret Yamei Teshuva, Hashem says: Stop. Feel the pain. Focus on it. It’s not as scary, as insurmountable as you’d thought. Do teshuva. Finally, finally let it go.


  1. Maybe this is precisely what I need to hear. I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself because one of the kids was sent home with symptoms and we have to self isolate until we get the all clear. Can’t face having everyone home again indefinitely while getting ready for shabbos and Yom Kippur and Sukkos. But maybe it’s ok to feel the pain of disappointment and upset.

  2. So inspiring thanks for sharing!

  3. Just want to tell you that while I don’t often write comments I always appreciate what you write and get inspired by all you share. Thank you, Chana Jenny. May you and your family and all our klal have a L’Shana Tova, a beautiful new year filled with happiness, learning and growth, good health, shalom, and experiencing Hashem’s revealed goodness and light.
    Gmar Chatima Tova.

  4. Amazing that she had the courage to think of that and then to follow through!
    I hope her test results are normal.
    Gemar chasima tova.

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