Sue Koltai: My Heart is Absolutely Shattered, Azi was the Light of my Life

Sue Koltai: My Heart is Absolutely Shattered, Azi was the Light of my Life

In the aftermath of the Meron tragedy, one of people who provided the most chizuk to a deeply-shaking Am Yisrael was, ironically, one of the people at the heart of that paroxysm of grief that was Lag BaOmer 2021: Har Nof’s Sue Koltai, mother of 13-year-old Azi z”l. In this deeply moving interview by Estee Yarmish, Sue Koltai tell us about what a remarkable boy Azi was, the lessons she has learned from the earthshattering loss of her youngest child, as well as the message she wants to share with the world.
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  1. Mina Esther Gordon

    This is a very inspiring interview. I for one, having faced personal tragedy myself, certainly gained some comfort from hearing Sue speak
    We may never know why tragedies happen,but it helps to know that everything is guided by the Hand of Hashem. Nothing is random.
    It has been pointed out that the numerical value of Geulah is 45!!
    I don’t know what that signifies, but there must be a connection, especially as one of the expansions of the name of Hashem also equals 45.
    May we all soon merit to greet Moshiach, and all of our questions will melt away.

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