Young Mother with COVID and Newborn in Critical Condition

Young Mother with COVID and Newborn in Critical Condition

Today on the light rail, on the way home from getting my 1st corona vaccination, I noticed an elderly woman wearing an official badge that read, “I’ve been immunized against Corona.” I imagined the year this woman has had, distanced from her children and grandchildren, shut up at home. And now she’s free to go out. To live her life. Free.
A year with Corona, over 2 million deaths worldwide, and now seeing that elderly woman on the light rail today felt like a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. The Israeli government is talking about Pesach seders with sabas and savtas and extended families around the table. The Exodus so close I can taste it, smell it (and even feel it– in my sore upper arm where I received today’s vaccination).
And then, when I got home, I saw my friend had forwarded me a heartbreaking video, a young father pleading with us to pray and do good deeds in the merit of his wife (Rochel Naomi bat Esther Chana, daughter of Rabbi Wieden from Neve Yerushalayim) a mother of 5 in her early thirties who is critically ill from Covid. She was pregnant and underwent an emergency C-section, and now her 6th child whom she was carrying is in critical condition as well (Rach haNolad ben Rochel Naomi).
The light at the end of the tunnel so close and yet so very far away. Please Hashem, save us and protect us all.


  1. Refuah shelayma! We will daven!

  2. Beth D Berman

    Please don’t rush to send all the saba’s and savta’s out into the world. Even with a vaccine, there are still unknown risks, from possibly spreading Corona even though you’ve been immunized to actually getting corona, but a milder form. Even with the vaccine, the world is not yet safe. Younger people are not vaccinated yet and are appearing at hospitals with terrible cases (such as the young mother we are saying Tehillim for). Children will be the last vaccinated, and there are insufficient studies right now about the side effects on children. I’m not a crazy person spouting conspiracy theories. It’s all too new to really know what the effects will be. And yes, I’m a savta who was vaccinated (so far, only once. Waiting for my second shot). Even when fully vaccinated, I will not rush to travel, visit my kids, etc, etc.

    • that sounds smart, though I’m dreaming my father will be able to come to Israel for seder!! But he will also probably choose to be careful even after he is vaccinated

    • Agree, I’m very pro-vax (looked into it properly for my kids after hearing conspiracy theories and am now so happy Hashem has granted us vaccines and science and amazing immune systems that can protect us like that). And as far as I know what you are saying is the “official” stance too, we just don’t yet know enough. But hopefully eventually we will get more information.

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