Yoni Tested Positive:(

Yoni Tested Positive:(

Last Thursday we found out that Yoni’s kindergarten teacher has Covid, so on Friday I took him to get tested [this is the photo of us on our way back home], and after Shabbat I found out that Yoni tested positive.
B”H Yoni feels fine. But this surprising diagnosis means I’ve got a house full of quarantining kids until at least Pesach.
Rabbi Fischel Schachter says that in the weeks before Pesach things will inevitably go wrong. The washing machine will break, a child will need to go to the pediatrician, cleaning ladies will suddenly, inexplicably quit (lo aleynu).
And we (I!) need to remember that this is Hashem’s way of helping us to prepare for Pesach by forcing us to work on our Emuna. And if we (I!) manage to stay calm during this test a tremendous reward awaits.
Full disclosure, I’m not bursting with Emuna or inspiration or calmness at the moment. After a few days home with my quarantine kids, I’m feeling emotionally frazzled, physically worn out, and spiritually disconnected. My ears literally ache from all the kidly noise.
But still, when I read this thought from Rabbi Schachter (in the wonderful Shtetl News: subscribe at shtetlnews@gmail.com) it washed over me like an incoming tide of comfort. I’m not the only one!
B”H, Josh and I and our oldest daughter are vaccinated and everybody is healthy. Definitely not something to take for granted ever, and especially in 2021. This pre-Pesach is going to be challenging, but thank God I have so very much to be grateful for.


  1. Refuah shelema to Yoni and hatzlachah rabah Chana Jenny on your pre-Pesach prep!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation for Shtetl News! Are there any additional similar style to subscribe to as well?
    Refuah Shelaima!
    Wishing you Koach to keep it together…

    • JewishMom

      I also love “Torah from Yerushalayim” which is a selection of short thoughts on the parsha from various teachers (reb. friedman, rabbanit yemima, rabbi shuki nissan, rabbi shlomo katz and others). you can subscribe at shoshanapear@gmail.com

  3. Truly appreciate it, Chana Jenny!
    Just one question – how often do these emails come out?

  4. Hi,
    I just read this and wanted to reach out. I believe there is no bidud for those who have been vaccinated or have antibodies. Just making sure you knew this. (Yes, I’m assuming your little kids might still be home, which is challenging enough, pre-Pesach), but in case you didn’t know that YOU can leave the house, I thought I’d share.
    Chag Kasher v’Somayach!!

    • JewishMom

      thanks chava, yes b”H my husband, my oldest daughter and I don’t have to quarantine cause we are vaccinated,b”H!

  5. refua shlemah and an easy quarantine to all!

    So true that difficulties arise before Pesach. I received my $600 stimulus check and had many plans of what to use it on l’kavod Pesach… well, yesterday we had a major car issue and it cost us nearly the whole $600. Oh well. May it be a kapara.

    Does your son have any symptoms? (asking because all of the young children I know who tested positive did not have any symptoms)

  6. Thanks for this! Believe it or not, our entire community, a year late is having a covid breakout. So no school for us too. It’s quite insane here so thanks for the chizuk.

    • JewishMom

      also here, seems like so many kids are in quarantine (since most of the elderly and adults are already vaccinated). hope it passes quickly and everybody will be healthy and safe!

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