Rabbi Uri Zohar’s Sons “On Own Derech”

Rabbi Uri Zohar’s Sons “On Own Derech”

Israeli acting star turned baal-teshuva Rabbi Uri Zohar gives advice to parents of kids on own derech, from the point of view of a parent who’s been there.


  1. Mina Esther Gordon


  2. I once heard an interview from Rav Uri Zohar’s son Itamar, who was off the derech and then came back on and is now frum, married, and with a family. The interview brought tears to my eyes. His main points was that his parents always loved him, even though they clearly and obviously showed him they were in pain that he is not frum. His father (Uri Zohar) was always davening for him to come back. His father introduced him to his now wife – she was a new baal teshuva and Itamar was totally not frum but something clicked and they got married… she had a lot of patience with him and he eventually became frum.
    So basically, love your children, accept them, pray for them, but you don’t need to hide your pain.

  3. I read a booklet written by Rav Uri Zohar on this topic and it helped me tremendously with my relationship with our son.
    I even helped my son book a tzimmer for two (he paid), when I had a strong suspicion he was going there with a girl.
    Sometimes I say to him, it’s your life, you take care of what you want to do. Sometimes I help him. It’s not easy.
    I truly believe that what Uri Zohar says is true .
    Keep up the relationship. Let him have a home to come home to whenever he wants.
    One day the Asimon will drop and he’ll come back to Yiddishkeit .
    Be’ezrat Hashem.

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