Dear Rebbetzin Heller: My Parents Told Me “Enough Kids!”

Dear Rebbetzin Heller: My Parents Told Me “Enough Kids!”

What if your parents have told you not to have any more kids, but YOU still want more children?

What if your parents have told you to take a break before having another child, but that’s not what YOU want?

In this question and answer session with Rebbetzin Heller, the Rebbetzin answers this tough question with sensitivity and wisdom. Forward the Question and Answer episode with Rebbetzin Heller below to 33:57 to hear her answer….

This episode, in general, is a total gem. (thanks to JewishMOM Chaya Cohen for sending me this great link).

I also recommend these other featured questions:
Should I tell my children about tragedies that take place, such as the Fogel family massacre? (at 8:55)

In a more modern community, isn’t drawing attention to myself by dressing more modestly in itself immodest? (22:45)

How can I make my son’s bar mitzvah more meaningful?(13:07)

May Hashem continue to give Rebbetzin Heller many, many more years, until 120, of good health and strength to share her rare wisdom, brilliance and common sense with us Jewish women around the world.


  1. I love her insight into life…she can always take seemingly complex, complicated issues and break them down practically with sound advice. It makes us realize that although things are overwhelming at times, Hashem put amazing mentors into the world to reach out to =-) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I got to know your page last week. I live in Hungary, and I was looking for inspirtion from women from frum communities. I really enjoy your site, thanks for all the uplifting stories and for being so open and honest. Its really motivating 🙂

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