Queen Elizabeth, the Imperfect Mother

Queen Elizabeth, the Imperfect Mother

Forgiving Queen Elizabeth, and forgiving ourselves. Shabbat shalom!🥰✡️


  1. I suspect the portrayal of the Queen in the Crown is probably not accurate. (Found this website, also can’t vouch for it being accurate but it sounds more in keeping with what I have ever known about her https://www.mabelandmoxie.com/What+We+Really+Know+About+Queen+Elizabeth+II+As+A+Mom#:~:text=While%20it's%20true%20that%20Queen,%2Dall%20interview%20with%20Oprah).). She was very private as well so I suspect what we know about her is often not the whole picture. Which just goes to show, what you say is probably so true: we tend to love to judge mothers so much. But it is a hard job and so undervalued too and it’s not exactly compatible with also running a country on the side… (so she chose to rely on nannies and extended family).

  2. Your instinct was right to post this. Your message that every mother is doing the best they can is a very powerful statement, especially coming from an expert on mothering. As for the Crown and the Queen, whatever the truth may be, she too tried her best! May she rest in peace.

    You shared with us a nugget of information that should give every mother chizuk!

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