Tu bAv Interview: The Secret M.A.T.C.H. Formula

Tu bAv Interview: The Secret M.A.T.C.H. Formula
Formula with World-Renowned Shadchanit Merissa Gross
In honor of Tu b’Av this coming Shabbat, in this week’s interview Har Nof Matchmaker Merissa Gross shares her unique M.A.T.C.H. formula that has enabled her, with Hashem’s help, to make hundreds of successful matches. Learn more about Merissa’s online classes for singles as well as Shadchan training at  http://MerissaGross.com
Here’s more about Merissa from her website:
Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Merissa Gross has been a shadchan/matchmaker for almost 20 years.
After moving to Israel, marrying her husband and starting a family, she began working in Jewish Outreach as a program manager and educator. Alongside this, her deepest inspiration and passion was to help put Jewish souls together. She made her first match even before she got married, and continued from then on.
With tremendous help from Hashem, Merissa has made hundreds of successful matches by coming up with ideas and coaching the couple through the dating process, all the way to the chuppah.
In the world of dating and relationships, she is an educator, speaker, and teacher. She is also a professional dating coach and advisor. To see more, check out http://www.merissagross.com
o preview her Shadchan training webinars and Intro to Dating webinars, go to http://www.merissagross.com/webinars


  1. Great interview. I love her approach.

  2. This was so fascinating to listen to! Thank you for your wonderful recent interviewing streak!!! It’s been fabulous!!!

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