The Worst Camping Trip Ever!

The Worst Camping Trip Ever!

Shabbat Shalom!! 🥰✡


  1. I am sorry that she had to go through this, disappointment is never easy.

    We live by the following rule which always puts things into prospective: “things can always get worse”
    Whenever there is a situation that is not the way we wanted or expected we try to accept it in as positive as possible.

    Just as with this situation. When she was the only one of her friends in camp it want not a happy time, not being able to go climbing was worse and being sent home for covid reasons and being in her room for a while, is least pleasant. (With Hashem’s help she should not have covid).

    Life can always get worse, if we look at our pain and know that things can get worse, we learn to qccept the current situation with love and ask Hashem that it just gets better from here.

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