The Druse Man Who Discovered He’s Jewish this Rosh Hashana

The Druse Man Who Discovered He’s Jewish this Rosh Hashana

My daughter’s fateful encounter this Rosh Hashana at the ancient synagogue of Pekiin.



  1. Wow, this brought me to tears. Just thinking of the hashgacha behind this story, how your daughter and her friends decided to come this particular year, and were outside just when this man came by. They came to do a chessed for Margalit Zinati, and were zoche to not just do that but also to bring this man back to his heritage and help him be mekayem a mitzvah! Such a zchus, and so very inspiring.

  2. Loved this Chanah Jenny!

  3. Mina E Gordon

    Very moving!!
    And you took to the task of planting your unique seedlings in that
    ארץ לא זרוע to make a desert bloom!

  4. Hi,

    I also connect deeply with the words Ko Umar Hashem since moving to Israel.

    After moving to Israel, my husband and I found that there are some people who are very successful in every area, they these people truly see the blessing of the land of milk and honey flowing freely, while other no matter how long they live here struggle in every aspect.

    After tons of research and many interviews with English speakers, we found that those who follow Hashem into HIS land and being Israel becomes their identity, they have a lot of success.

    However, those who live here and still identify as “chutznik” (American, British…) those struggle no matter how many years they live here.

    It is truly remarkable that Hashem says He will always remember our chessed that we did by following Him into the dessert WITH LOVE!.

    Today those who move to Israel a place that there is nothing lacking and we do so WITH LOVE Hashem rewards us with the blessing which He promised plentiful of milk and honey.

    May we all be blessed to live in His land with love and happiness.

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