3 Calming, Coping Tips for this Week After the Chagim

3 Calming, Coping Tips for this Week After the Chagim

I’m feeling overwhelmed today. And I think I’m not alone. So here’s some ideas that are helping me feel calm and better, hope they help!
1. I’m telling myself what Brene Brown tells herself: “Some days you have to say that just showing up is enough, and this is one of those days.” To me this means that the mountain of laundry can wait, losing the 6 pounds I gained can wait, figuring out how to pay this bill and that bill can wait. Today I showed up: I rolled out of bed, sent kids off to school, davened, got dressed, cut up some carrots and cucumbers and put out some cold leftover pancakes for lunch. I was a living, breathing mom in my home, and THAT IS ENOUGH!
2. I made a page with three columns on it: 1) What has to get done today 2) What has to get done tomorrow 3) What has to get done sometime this week. When overwhelmed, this is one of the things that I find most calming. Since, when I write out all the things I have to do, I realize there are actually few things (like writing this post) that must get done today, and that leaves time for me to calmly do things (like writing this post) that must get done today.
3. I remind myself of Rabbi Nivin’s Law of Transitions: during times of transition, like this week after the Chagim, we are going to underperform. We are more tired, overwhelmed, confused, feeling that no matter how hard we try we can’t get done what we need to get done. And the Law of Transitions says we must treat ourselves lovingly and gently during this week of transition from Tishrei to Cheshvan.
Hold tight and BREATHE, Jewish Mom! Next week will be easier!


  1. Thanx!! Just what I needed to read today.

  2. This is beyond BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Thank you!! You hit the spot! This is so helpful ❤️

  4. Dear Channa Jenny,
    How do you always know exactly what we need and how we feel? You helped me through the day! Thank you 🙂

  5. Thank you. And thank you for still being on your website as well as Instagram! As even though it’s down, I can still get my Jewish mom infusion.

  6. Thank you just what i needed to hear

  7. Oh how I LOVE this! “Today I showed up and that is enough.” So impowering. Instead of beating ourselves up, we can pat ourselves on the back for just showing up.
    Love love LOVE this! Thank you!!

  8. Monica Haddad

    Whew!!! I feel so much better….

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