AUTISM, HOMEMADE HELP! Interview with Shoshana Levin Fox

AUTISM, HOMEMADE HELP! Interview with Shoshana Levin Fox

Dr. Shoshana Levin Fox is a noted autism specialist who has spent over 35 years working with special needs children. In this hopeful and encouraging interview, she talks about the memorable kids diagnosed with autism and ASD she’s helped over the years as well as her guidelines for parents to best help their kids thrive.

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Order her book: An Autism Casebook for Parents and Practitioners: The Child Behind the Symptoms


  1. Mina Esther Gordon

    Absolutely brilliant!!
    Any information about support groups for parents? The emotional implosion upon hearing the doctor’s dreaded diagnosis of their child can destroy any chance for improvement
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe told a newly appointed head of a facility for the intellectually challenged to look at the children as normal children suffering from a temporary malady. Or as one lecturer put it:”Forget the labels. What can he do and what can’t he do?”

    • Appreciate your feedback, and the wise guidance spoken by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Mina Esther. There are many support groups out there for parents of children diagnosed with autism. Because I found DIR so helpful in working with these children, I’d suggest seeking support groups which share the DIR and/or Feuerstein outlook on child development.

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