I saw this pair at a Jerusalem pizza shop tonight.

I saw this pair at a Jerusalem pizza shop tonight.

My Gosh, do I LOVE Israel!! Shavua tov💝🔯🇮🇱



  1. Beautiful! This is the world Hashem wants us to live in!
    And this is truly what Hashem’s country Israel looks like!

    There is a store in Jerusalem whose owners (two brothers) do not wear kippas, yet whenever my husband engages in Torah conversation they have such nice anecdotes and chiddushim on the weekly Torah portion. They are spiritually connected, but you cannot tell on the outside as they appear to secular. Their soul is searching.
    We reach out to people like them, and we found so much love and yearning for brotherly love (between Jews from different backgrounds) and for a connection to Hashem.

    When Jews are connected to one another, it keeps us all connected to our father Hashem.

    In the last few years, it seems that the world has become intolerant to people’s options, it is as though people entered a bubble and stick only with those who agree with them. Hashem created each person with their unique thought process and understanding of His world, and He wants us to reach out and care for others.

    People say: Only If You Think Exactly Like Me Do You Have A Right To Exist

    Where Has All The Color of The World Gone?

    Are You in The Social Media Bubble?

  2. Love this photo!!

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