Women in the Fields with Jamie Geller: Episode TWO

Women in the Fields with Jamie Geller: Episode TWO
I am SO loving this series of interviews with the wives of farmers observing Shmitah. This newest episode featuring Ilanit and Avi from Moshav Matsliach was especially moving for me, to see a couple who don’t “look religious,” but yet are willing to take such a mindblowing leap of faith, risking their financial stability for this year as well as the following year by refraining from farming for and entire year. Seeing their huge leap of faith inspires me to have emunah in the smaller challenges I face in my own life.
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  1. That was so touching to watch. Thank you for sharing this incredibly moving and important series!

  2. I found this extremely inspiriting, I wanted to explore how I / we can “keep Shmitah” this year.

    Think about it: what is Shmitah? In early years, our ancestors all received their own piece of land, every family had their own farm. Every farmer had to leave their hectic daily lives and take a break for a year.

    The Torah teaches us that is a time to reflect and realize that it is not the earth that is supporting us, but rather it all comes from Hashem.

    Nowadays, we hear from many farmers how during the year of Shmitah, while they had time to reflect, either changed route or added another aspect to their business that was very successful.

    One example of a farmer’s wife during a Keren Hashviis interview: https://nsheikerenhashviis.org/nshei

    So how can we keep Shmitah while not having a farm? I think we can all take a step back, take a break from our hectic daily schedule and reflect that parnassah (money, job) comes from Hashem. Don’t be afraid of change and the unknown. Make the necessary change in life, job, ect.. Maybe you want to take on a new job, even if you never worked before. Maybe you wanted to move but are afraid of how you will support yourself and your family, don’t worry, leave it all up to Hashem! For one year, live as if you are the farmer’s wife, who leaves it all behind, and totally depends on Hashem. Hashem has always helped, and He will continue to provide for you and your family.

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