I’m Turning 50, Mazal Tov?

I’m Turning 50, Mazal Tov?

Battling my ambivalence and false beliefs about my upcoming change of “area code.”


  1. I used to look at every birthday this, until I changed my attitude.

    The reason we are in this world is to do Mitzvot, serve Hashem and earn merits and be in a great place in the “world to come.” Once we live with this realization, and we can work to earn lots of merits and no longer afraid of “going there.”

    Every year on my birthday (It turned into several times a year) I try to do something special for others.

    First, I started to donate blood on the day of my birthday. Knowing that I may save someone’s life is very special (no money needed here).
    (P.S. I checked with my doctor first each year before doing so).

    Second, instead of throwing a party, going out to eat or getting a lavish gift, I found an organization I liked to donate to. Whether it is putting money towards groceries for people in need, or towards medical equipment to save people’s lives. There can be small amounts (the amount of a birthday night out) it feels great. Once we become gives instead of takers life feels great, and we start looking forward for the rewards that Hashem promised, and we are no longer afraid of the end whenever Hashem chose that time to be for us.

    P.S.S. We did a lot of research on charity organizations especially, speaking to receivers to make sure it is valid.
    (Surprisingly, when we called some organizations and asked how people sign up to get funding, many do not have a system for this! Some said the phone number only for taking money but had no number for a needy person to call…or we got the run around until I reached someone who knows more… with unsatisfactory responses.. not reliable. Some give to family and acquaintances only. Before choosing an organization to donate, call them and pretend to be a person in need of money so you can see if they help everyone or not.

    Third: I started writing, I share my views and life experience, this way my family has all my writings to go back to whenever, they get to a particular time in their life and want to know how I would have handled it or what advice I would give for that situation.

    We need to celebrate life in order to be able to celebrate death peacefully.

    Why I want happy music at my funeral and Shiva

    May we all live long, health and fulfilling lives till 120

  2. Hi Jenny!

    A bit off topic but I wanted to say that his hat really suits you.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday!

  3. Hadassah Aber

    birthdays and a special mitzvah
    While I was living in Miami area I got involved in the mitzvah of Chevra Kadisha and doing the taharah process on women who had passed away. It is very specific and can be quite challenging, but was not at all spooky! After that every day that we get to spend on this side of the grass is a blessing! Every birthday that I get to celebrate is a gift from Hashem that I can utilize to help others in general and my family in particular. One of the things that I had helped organize for my parents (of blessed memory) was a computer list of all the special occasions in the family, especially birthdays and anniversaries. I make a point of calling everyone on the list on their special day (or as close to it as I can manage). Because the list is in the computer, I can add to it easily and share it via e-mail with everyone. The result is that my nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews all know me! (Even though I don’t live nearby) And I get lots of calls on my birthday as well!
    I really like the suggestions from the first comment above.

  4. Hadassah Aber

    A recent meme or t-shirt slogan: It’s weird that my age is the same as old people!

  5. Yehudit Sarah

    A very happy (belated) birthday to you Chana Jenny! May Hashem bless with you a shefa of brachas including shalom, good health, nachas, vitality, and simcha to 120!!!!!

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