Rena Reiser’s Tune In Podcast Featuring ME

Rena Reiser’s Tune In Podcast Featuring ME

I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!🥰
From Rena Reiser:
In this episode I interview Chana Jenny Weisberg who is the creator of

Here’s what we talk about:

– How was born
– How Chana Jenny went from “I can’t write” to writing one sentence at a time, and then a paragraph, and then writing entire books
– How emunah helped her through her insecurities of putting herself out there
– Where her self-esteem of “I can put out things that aren’t perfect because I see my self worth” comes from
– How she imparts the sense of “we can do hard things” in a positive, healthy way to her kids
– How you can move forward when there’s something you’re passionate about but seems out of reach
– What the root is of Chana Jenny’s mission of wanting to help moms smile every day
– Where she sees her blog going in the next 50 years
– What words of encouragement Chana Jenny has for Jewish moms


  1. Thank u for a beautiful interview.
    It was very inspiring to hear how u started going towards ur goal when u didn’t know how to write, how to to open website when u had no idea how to do it.
    I’m following u for the last 18 yrs since I’m mother.
    I enjoyed both of ur books and loved reading about u in nshey chabad newsletter. I found u from the article “Chana Weisberg, meet Chana Weisberg”.
    Keep up inspiring other moms to take car of themselves!
    Thank u for being do open and raw in this interview.
    Loved it
    Miriam Gozenpud

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