Chassidic Mom takes on Package Thieves💪💪

Chassidic Mom takes on Package Thieves💪💪

Shabbat shalom!✡️🥰



  1. I love it! I love her! I’m laying in bed with whatever this version of flu – bird-corona etc. And you gave me koach! Now that is an ayshes chayil!

  2. And they’re like totally ashamed and mortified, clapped al chait and reformed their lives on the spot….not.

    At least they might leave HER porch alone, but only if they are aware they have been videoed on a surveillance camera and will be easily identified by the police. I hope she told them. Though it wasn’t on the clip.

  3. I disagree wholeheartedly…this ayshes Chayim could’ve been killed, chats b shalom! People are insane and don’t value human life. She took a huge risk here. I don’t suggest anyone applaud this. Thank g-d she is unharmed.

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