My Visit to the Shiva for Esther Pollard A”H

My Visit to the Shiva for Esther Pollard A”H
The 2 Missions of Esther Pollard A”H: My Shiva Call to Jonathan Pollard
This morning I made a shiva call to Jonathan Pollard who is sitting shiva in my neighborhood. When I arrived at the building there was a line of people down the stairs and out the front door, the shiva house teaming with people who had arrived from all over Israel. I was moved to tears in the shiva house, to come into contact for the first time with Jonathan Pollard, a person with such purity of mission to guard Israel and the Jewish people that while in prison he sent his monthly $5 stipend check to Efrat, an Israeli non-profit that offers emotional support and practical assistance to Israel mothers considering abortion. At the shiva, Pollard spoke at length about his dear wife Esther who dedicated herself completely to his welfare, release, and return to Israel which she viewed as her ultimate life’s mission.
May Jonathan Pollard be comforted among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem!
so many people, the purity of mission, Her complete dedication to him

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