The Best Part of the Chumash Party

The Best Part of the Chumash Party

This past Friday, there were so many Chumash-party highlights.
Yoni got to hold the microphone and sing “Tov li Torat Picha!” all by himself!
And an important Rosh Yeshiva came special!
And Yoni got to sit on his Abba’s lap the whole time!
And wear a tall golden crown!
And all the boys got to stand together under a big tallis held by the fathers who sang “HaMalach HaGoel”!
And not only Yoni’s Eema and Abba came, but also his big sister and brother!
And in the morning before the party each boy got a sweet roll and a tropit juice pouch!
And after the party each boy got a can of orange soda and a package of chocolate cake!
So many wonderful things!
So that evening, I asked Yoni what had been the most exciting part of the Chumash Party for him.
I was sure he would say holding the microphone (that was the point at which I felt the deepest disbelief that I almost hadn’t come!). Or maybe something about the orange soda?
But instead Yoni, with unusual emotion and seriousness, said, “Eema, of course the most exciting part of all was receiving the Torah!”
May Hashem bless Yoni and all his classmates, until 120, with that same passion and love for our Holy Torah!✡️


  1. That’s beautiful
    So happy you went.

  2. אמן כן יהי רצון!!
    B’ezrat Hashem the zchut from your efforts in attending despite the difficulties will help Yoni and his classmates keep their passion for Torah ad 120.

  3. May they always feel so connected to the Torah.
    And may you have much continued nachat.

  4. Wow. I have tears in my eyes as I rejoice with You and am so so inspired.

    May HaShem Bless you and your husband together with Yoni and sister and all family members with lots of Nachat Dkdusha and continued love and pride for Torah in good health always.

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