A Mother’s Exalted Role by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

A Mother’s Exalted Role by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

[In Honor of Gimmel Tammuz this Shabbat, the Rebbe explains why a mother’s role is the most important and holy role in existence.Shabbat shalom!].

“The Torah grants women the most exalted mission possible.

“The thing which is of ultimate importance to the Holy Nation is connected with [the Torah]–that from the generation that stood at the time of the giving of the Torah will blossom a new generation which will walk in the same path, and that from that second generation a third generation will grow that will walk in this path as well. This is the most important thing in the Jewish people.

“How do we do this?

“How do we ensure the continuity of the Jewish people?

“For this, we need the women…and through this their holy mission is expressed–to make efforts to be “fruitful and multiply,” and to raise a new generation which will continue the generation of the giving of the Torah.

“And all of this is dependent primarily on the women. The ‘partnership’ of the husband relates only to the first stage, but the entire continuation, expressed through 9 months of pregnancy, including the difficulties of pregnancy, the birth, and its difficulties–all of this depends on women alone. And caring for the children who are born and establishing their educational foundations is something entrusted primarily to the women.

“…Even the simplest person of all…sees that women in particular merited to the most exalted and holy mission possible–to raise a new generation.

“And women know that it is through this work [in their families that they] can they achieve self-fulfillment, since no man without them, no matter how great he is, can accomplish this, since G-d with His power and wisdom and will granted this ability to women alone.”

משיחת ו’ תשרי ה’תשמ”ה

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