Kindness Chain on a Tel Aviv Bus by Roey Tzezana

Kindness Chain on a Tel Aviv Bus by Roey Tzezana

Today I was riding a bus in Tel Aviv, all seats were taken.
The bus stopped and an old lady with a walker barely managed to get on. Just as I was getting up to offer her my seat, three other people were already up and helping her. One of them remained standing so she could sit down– with a loud sigh of relief.
The driver kept driving. At the next stop a female soldier was running to catch the bus, and at the last minute the bus driver, who hadn’t noticed her, shut the doors to continue the ride. The old lady shouted- “Wait!” And the driver lifted his hand in apology and the soldier got on the bus still catching her breath.
Another two stops went by, the old lady had already gotten off the bus.
A young passenger was exhausted and falling asleep, his eyes closed, head lolled forward- and several times the bouncing bus jerked him awake.
The soldier approached him and offered to wake him up at his stop, he gladly accepted her offer, smiled and fell asleep immediately for the seven minutes of slumber he so desperately needed.
A world full of small acts of kindness, that are built one atop of the other.
What a blessing to be human. What a blessing to be here.

Translation by Albina Ginzburg
From סטטוסים מצייצים (

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