The Neve Yaakov Attack’s Youngest Victim: 14-Year-Old Asher Natan HY”D (Ynet)

The Neve Yaakov Attack’s Youngest Victim: 14-Year-Old Asher Natan HY”D (Ynet)

Natan was the oldest of 8 children. He went out on Friday night after dinner to attend a weekly Torah class when his parents heard the shots from their home, which is next to the synagogue. After finding out there had been a terror attack, they went looking for their son for about an hour, until they finally realized that their worst nightmare had come true. Their beloved son had been one of the 7 people killed by the terrorist.

Over Shabbat friends and neighbors came to the family’s home and stayed with them in their darkest hours. In the morning Natan’s father went to the synagogue, and those in attendance say they were moved by the passionate message of trust and faith he delivered.
A friend of the family told reporters about how special Natan was: “From a very young age, he would take money from his savings to give to charity. He always said he wanted to die on Kiddush HaShem. It’s chilling. This was his goal, Kiddush HaShem, to sanctify Hashem’s name in his life and in his death, which ended up ripping him away from us at such a young age.”
In an interview with Kikar Shabbat, the principal of Natan’s Talmud Torah said “It’s very hard to talk about him. I was just now in the place where he was murdered. I saw the stains of his blood and was mortified.”
“This was a boy that never hurt anybody, a gentle and innocent boy that never wished harm on anyone, everybody loved him very much.”
May Hashem comfort the Natan family as well as all the grieving families of the victims, and send an immediate and complete recovery to the injured.


  1. heartbreaking. HaShem Yinkom Damam.

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