A Thousand Mothers that Shook the World

A Thousand Mothers that Shook the World

In my specific corner of the religious world, there’s a certain summer program that all the 7th grade girls want to attend. The problem is that there isn’t room in this popular program for every 7th grade girl.

So when the link went live at 9 AM this morning, stress was running high among the mothers as well as the daughters. My daughter’s teacher even permitted the girls to come to school late this morning–after they were (hopefully) all registered, safe and sound.

So this morning, like every mother of a 7th grade girl in my specific corner of the religious world, I was sitting at the computer at 9 AM, refreshing my screen over and over, praying I would finally get a link instead of an error notice.
And what happens when thousands of people do what I was doing?
The camp site CRASHED. And like Humpty Dumpty, it took a long while to get it back together again.
And I thought:
Isn’t it tremendous. All these mothers. Trying their hardest to do the best they can for their daughters.
Isn’t it incredible, the power of a mother’s love.
The power of the love of thousands of mothers.
To crash a site. To move worlds. In this world and the next.


  1. What a beautiful perspective!

  2. Wow, you REALLY know how to see things positively. I would have been a little mad- can’t they have a more professional website?
    Thank you, thank you for showing us to see the beauty.

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