Weddings under Fire (Arutz 14)

Weddings under Fire (Arutz 14)

On account of the security situation in southern and central Israel, many couples are being forced to cancel their weddings at the last moment. This causes great emotional distress as well as a serious financial loss.
The people of Israel are not indifferent to the struggles of these disappointed couples, and many original solutions are popping up online. Facebook, for example, is overflowing with posts from kind-hearted people trying to help brides and grooms-to-be who found themselves in this complicated situation.
On the facebook group: “Tsrichim Mashu?“ [Need Somethin’?] one woman posted,
“Couples who canceled their wedding… this post is for YOU! My sister is getting married today in Netzer Sereni. The area around the chuppah and the reception will be cleared out right after the chuppah and can hold another wedding. It’s not an ideal solution, but I really hope this will help someone; my sister is truly one of a kind to be worried about others on her own wedding day!”

Another message that was posted and spread across the social media was: “I work with an app for engaged couples- we checked all the venues and made a free list of available openings for the next few days… if you want further information, please contact me”

Even those that didn’t have actual solutions still wanted to help boost the morale of the disappointed brides and grooms.
One married woman posted: “I was in the exact same situation two years ago during operation Guardian of the Walls. I can only comfort you and say that even though we had to push back the event we still had a perfect wedding!”
Somebody else posted: “Exactly two years ago operation Guardian of the Walls started- absolutely crazy airstrikes. My sister canceled her wedding and three weeks later she got married. She had to change her venue and suppliers, everything. But everything turned out for the best, her wedding was even better than she first planned!”
Mazal tov and praying for peace to return to Israel!

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