What I’m Grateful for Today

What I’m Grateful for Today

Once a day my friend, Ilana, and I message each other to share something we are grateful for that day.

This morning, I was holding my phone, sitting in my empty living room, trying to think of what to say.
And then, after looking around my empty living room, I knew.
“Today I feel so incredibly grateful that my living room is empty. Just two years ago our kids spent much of the year at home because of closures or because they had COVID or because they’d been exposed to someone who did. It’s like COVID took everything away. We lost our schools, our shuls, our weddings, as well as millions of human beings with whom we shared our world. And with their tragic loss we lost our basic sense of security. That it’s safe to step outside our front doors. That the very air we breathe won’t kill us.
“But b”H today, we have our lives back. And I’m grateful for that. For my empty home. For the humdrum routine that was so disrupted, and has now returned.”

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  1. COVID messaged us not to take anything for granted.

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