October 7th Survivors Sing Song of Hope and Faith

October 7th Survivors Sing Song of Hope and Faith

I have watched this several times, and each time I get tears in my eyes. This is a special Kululam (an Israeli initiative bringing together large crowds of Israelis to sing a song together) for the survivors of Kibbutz Beeri as well as the members of Kibbutz Hatserim in the Negev, the kibbutz that took in Kibbutz Beeri following the massacre, even changing the sign at the entrance to “Kibbutz Hatserim-Beeri.”
This song of hope and belief from these survivors who have been eyewitnesses to humanity at its worst, and their generous hosts, makes me proud to be a member of our unique
nation and a citizen of this remarkable country.
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  1. Beautiful!
    Please, please may we be able to hold on to the brotherly love that has come to the surface in these past few months. May we always feel ONE NATION!

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