A Royal Wedding

A Royal Wedding

Up until we moved neighborhoods 8 years ago, for over a decade Josh davened at the Slonimer shul in Meah Shearim every Shabbat.
And his best friend among the Chassidim was Rav Raphoel Berezovsky, the Rebbe’s oldest grandson, in line one day to become the Slonimer rebbe himself.
When Raphoel invited us to join his family for the first time for a Shabbat meal around 11 years ago, I met his wonderful wife, Gali, the daughter of the Rabbi of the Stoliner shul of Boro Park as well as the niece of the Stoliner Rebbe of Givat Zeev.
And that is how we ended up at tonight’s wedding of Chassidic royalty, Rav Raphoel and Gali’s oldest child, Nechama marrying Shalom Noach Berezovsky, also a member of the Slonimer Rebbe’s extended family.
At the wedding, the kallah and her mother, Nechama and Gali, were absolutely glowing.
Gali’s mother, the Rebbetzin of Stoliner shul of Boro Park, was the daughter of Rebbetzin Faiga Shochet, the only surviving child of the Karliner Rebbe from before the War, Rav Yisrael Perlow, the Yenuka of Stolin and his Rebbetzin Bracha Sheindl HY”D. Tragically the rebbe and his rebbetzin and all but 3 of their children were murdered by the Nazis, and 2 of the remaining 3 children died shortly after the war.
Gali’s mother told me tonight, “My own grandmother was killed in the War. She never even met her own grandchildren. And here I am…At the wedding of my oldest grandchild…it’s unbelievable” she gestured around at the crowd of rejoicing women and girls, her eyes filled with tears.
Afterwards, I stood at the side of the hall and closed my eyes and felt them all there…
Raphoel’s great-grandfather, the great Netivot Shalom ztz”l.
And Rav Yisrael Perlow, the Yenuka of Stolin HY”D. And his Rebbetzin Bracha Sheindl HY”D.
And all their murdered children. HY”D
All their souls, at this incredibly joyful wedding, in Jerusalem, teeming with dozens of their great-great granddaughters in poofy white dresses, sending infinite blessing down onto this young couple.
At this impossible wedding, of dry bones that grew flesh and skin, and rose again.
Mazal tov!
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  2. Thank you for this. It’s just what we needed to hear during this perilous period.

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