An Unlikely Chol HaMoed Attraction

An Unlikely Chol HaMoed Attraction
Exactly two weeks ago, Iran fired 350 rockets containing 60 tons of explosives at Israel. And instead of the thousands of casualties we’d feared and Iran had hoped for, thanks to Hashem’s miraculous protection (and Hashem’s expertly-trained emissaries, the Air Force and allies of the state of Israel) instead of the planned catastrophe the Iranians created nothing more than a Chol HaMoed attraction for Jewish families.
3337 years ago tonight we Jews were standing by the Red Sea, a ragtag crew of several million escaped slaves, the Egyptian army so close we could hear the enraged curses they spewed at us and feel the desert earth shake with the galloping of their approaching horses. Would they return us to Egypt to more centuries of slavery? Would they slay us all on the spot, or drown us in the Sea? But instead of the catastrophe we’d feared and the Egyptians had hoped for, our enemies were swallowed up by the Sea, which opened up for us so we could pass through in peace to receive the Torah at Sinai and head for the Promised Land.
The women sang and danced after crossing the Sea. With the tambourines they’d packed in expectation of salvation from our enemies determined to destroy us, in expectation of a miracle.
Then, as now, it is our sacred mission as Jewish women to remember and remind others that every generation they rise up to destroy us, and every generation Hashem saves us from their hands.
Chag Sameach!

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