The Evolution of Dad

The new movie “Evolution of Dad” is being released this Sunday in honor of Fathers Day. How amazing to discover that it was directed by Dana Glazer, a buddy of mine from almost 20 years ago at Bowdoin College!

Today, Dana is a film director/stay-at-home dad who has made a movie about fathers like him, who have chosen to be more than just a paycheck or a footnote in their children’s lives.

How wonderful to find an article about Dana and see that after all of our deep conversations in the Bowdoin Dining Hall, our lives have taken a somewhat parallel route…

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  1. What an amazing turn-around of women’s lib movement. Truly the times of Moshiach when a man is striving towards a woman’s loftier position.

    I love the clip of the father pushing his baby around the supermarket – that’s just soooo my husband!

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