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Last year somebody took me to the home of the Ampshanover Rebbe shlit”a. Once inside, we gave the Rebbetzin the letters we had written for the Rebbe, and several hours later she returned to us with the Rebbe’s responses to our questions.

My main question to the Rebbe was how I could feel more joy in my mothering life. And the Rebbe’s answer was so simple.

The Rebbe explained, “To feel more joy, you must do more things that bring you joy.”

What a simple response, but so insightful about the reality of motherhood. Before we were moms we loved needlepoint, or bowling, or learning Torah, or playing basketball.

And the Rebbe told me, told us, that if we want to be happy moms, we must remember what I once loved to do, and DO it.

So I thought about it, and realized that before I became a mom, there were few things I loved more than watching movies. So since I got that advice from the Rebbe, I have been trying to spend a few minutes every week watching funny (and clean) videos.

In honor of Succot, the festival of Joy, I wanted to share my 2 favorite sources of clean, funny videos on YouTube:
1. The Sienna Minivan Mom and Dad
I think the narcissistic, helicopter mom and dad in these commercials are hilarious. Here’s a sample video to give you a little taste of why I love these so much:

Click here to see the whole Sienna video series.
2. Latma TV
I assume all of you were among the over 1 million viewers of the “We Con the World” video in the wake of the Flotilla episode. That video was made by a right-wing Israeli comedy show called Latma TV which is produced by JPost columnist Caroline Glick. The recent episodes have been translated into English, and if you’re up on Israeli politics and tend towards the Israeli right, you might enjoy them as much as I do…
Here’s a sample from this week:

Click here to see the entire Latma series

Chag Sameach!


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