When I was 10 Years Old…


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Do you know how I decide whether to post something on this blog or not?

My rule of thumb is this: if an article or video brings tears to my eyes, I post it. Because if it makes me cry, that means that it’s something real and touches and expresses a real and deep place within my gut and heart. And “What comes from the heart, enters the heart.”

So why am I posting this surreal, polyester-clad clip from the 1981 season of the game show “The Price is Right” with Bob Barker?

Because 1981 was the year I was 10 years old. And watching this video reminded me of my 10-year-old daughter Hallel studying for a test last night on the book of Vayikra (Leviticus). It reminded me that Hallel’s 10-year-old head is brimming over with the sacrifices we brought in the Holy Temple, and the clothing the High Priest wore in the Holy Temple, and her burning questions over when she will see the Holy Temple finally rebuilt. Hallel’s 10-year-old head is full of Torah, and Mizvot, and Hashem.

And my 10-year-old head was full of this.

That’s why it makes me cry.


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  1. Chana Elka

    Several times in your pep talks and other writings there is mentioned the contrast between how you grew up and how your children are growing up. Each and every time, I identify with that, but this time, I think that contrast seemed more real to me, as my own daughter is about to turn three.

    Like you, my childhood is full of things that have no part in my daughter’s life such as ballet lessons, December holiday concerts, and yes, even The Price is Right among many other things. Now I am not only seeing what is not part of her life, but what is part of her childhood now, yet absent in mine. My not quite three year old can say brachos (when she choses). She puts coins in the tzedakah box. She knows how to light Shabbos candles (she mimes it). Most recently, we read the Parsha. (specifically “My First Parsha Reader” which is good to read to this age range.) She asks to read the Parsha! While I may have known a little bit about some of the holidays when I was four, that is nothing compared to her world now. When I really think about this, it brings me to tears, just as your own children bring you to tears.

    Regards, Chanah Elka

  2. Phyllis Meer

    I was thinking of how to respond to your article on “when I was 10 years old.” Then I heard a shir by Shira Smiles broadcast to Southfield MI. this mornng. Mrs. Smiles said that all of our life experiences shape us into the person that we become. She spoke about how unique every one of us is and how we create our own special song in life.
    Instead of regret, I hope that you will come to the realization that You have turned your life expereince and passions into an inspirational, high tech forum for mothers! So many women benefit from your website!
    You will hear more details if you can hear Mrs. Smiles speak on Shabbas Shira. Perhaps it will be posted on Naaleh.com
    take care,

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