Gallup Poll: Religious Jews are the Happiest Americans

Gallup Poll: Religious Jews are the Happiest Americans

A recent Gallup poll revealed that religious Jews are the happiest single religious group in America today.

This finding was gathered from 372,000 interviews with randomly selected Americans about their level of well being in 2009 and 2010. The respondents were graded in terms of well-being-related factors such as health, happiness, and access to basic necessities such as food and housing.

Within every religious group, the respondents who described themselves as “Very Religious” were the happiest.

The following is the order of religious groups in terms of their “Well-Being Index Composite.”

1. Jewish
2. Mormon
3. Atheist
4. Catholic
5. Other Non-Christian
6. Protestant
7. Muslim

Interesting! Right?

Photo courtesy of user Lalit Shahane

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  1. How do you have a “very religious” atheist?;)

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