German Mother, Jewish Son (Video)

German Mother, Jewish Son (Video)

In honor of Yom HaShoah, here is a video I made about one German mother’s extraordinary response to the Holocaust. This video was featured on, and has been viewed about 17,000 times so far!



  1. Tanya Arons

    As a daughter of a German woman, as a convert to Judaism also (my proudest achievement!), as a mother to two beautiful Jewish daughters, I also am happy that I have brought two beautiful Jewish souls back from the ashes of 6 million lost souls. My hope and prayer is my daughters will keep our faith and one day present me with more Jewish neshamahs, my grandchildren, so our line of continuity can flourish and bring much joy to our community.

    My soul knew from a very young age that it was a Jewish soul and that my place was with Jews, this is the beauty of Zion, calling us back to the love and honour of The Eternal, and passing our Standard to our children and our children’s children as liturgized in The Shema.

    Tanya Arons

  2. This is a beautiful story. I am heartened to see the phoenix rising from the ashes.

  3. Dvorah Halevi

    While I understand their reasoning , and that these souls see themselves as being ‘returned’ , i find it sad and pathetic that just 20 yrs after WWII , this man married a non-jewish women ,WHY did these people remain in Germany after the War ?! This man didn t evene feel the need or desire for his ‘wife’ to convert……we lose neshamos that way , NOT gain them !

    • Just because people were broken…and many people just didn’t have the willpower or the money or the health to leave. We shouldn’t judge.

  4. At first I also felt resentful watching this video, but as the story continued I was so moved to see how Hashem really did give the right people to see before their eyes how special authentic Jewish life is- and how her son went ALL THE WAY, and didnt settle for some reform conversion and duo lifestyle of crisscross identity..that would just make a mishmash of his childrens life…i was moved.

  5. ali gila

    beautiful Jenny, what a blessing.

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