The Hilarious Motherhood Anthem

I discuss this famous hilarious/awful/tragic song in this week’s peptalk. I like to hear this song at least once a year, in order to remind myself how NOT to talk to my children…


  1. Saw this after a supper when I told the girls to eat nicely, stop crumbling their pitot with their hands, wait to be excused from the table, stop kvetching etc, etc. I think I should go to their bed now while they are still awake and say I love you!

  2. I actually think this song hilarious. Because we all do this to some extent, even with the best of intentions to be kind and polite.

  3. I love this! I also listen to it every year, because it really packs a punch with the million nitty-gritty things we mothers oversee in order to help our children

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