PM Netanyahu’s Speech to US Congress

The Congress gave PM Netanyahu 41 standing ovations during his speech last week. Watching this makes me feel so proud to be an Israeli AND and American. Go, Bibi, go!
(here are two 12-minute excerpts from the speech)



    Very sad that a Jew, Prime Minister of Israel, says he is willing to part with our ancestral homeland:

    “I recognize that in a genuine peace we will be required to give up parts of the ancestral Jewish homeland,” he said, referring to the West Bank.”

    It makes no sense and is a colossal chilul Hashem IMO. Any time we show weakness, ANY AND EVERY TIME, we get hurt.

  2. I was listening to the speach while preparing and serving dinner to my kids, and from what I heared or could hear all the while, I was impressed with Bibis clarity on the subject of Democracy- when he said that out of the entire percentage of Arab countries in the middle east only palestinians in Israel know what its like to live in true Democracy.. I loved that he made clear that Jerusalem has always hosted many religious groups but it has been and will always remain the Jewish capitol of Israel-solely. he also made clear the importance of security and the fact that we really have no way of removing our troops from our borders since its an onhgoing threat to civilians especialy with the ongoing rockets that are fired into Israeli territory. I was happy with his speach I can only pray that he remembers his own words and doesnt start freezing things and returning land before we see Gilad Shalit go home- this was the only major part that was lacking in his speech- or maybe i missed it.

  3. i am also worried about the subject of al-nakba the palestinian day of revenge that coincides with Israeli idependance Day and todays al- something that protests the acquiring ofJerusalem by the Jewish people. they have a facebook group that is calling for every palestinian or propalestinian arab to march from all surrounding borders into israel and the “humanitarian” ship that is due to arrive at the same time- they want to make a big mess and instigate a Jihad- religious war against Israel. Its so clear that our prophets have warned us, but how can we prepare ourselves for the ultimate geula? we have to pray that our redemtion comes mercifully -look what we are up against -blood hungry terrorists- this is our time to really send strong prayers-like missles or shelters rather to protect us – Hashem should save us all. Amen.

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