Shalom Bayit Idea from Rav Arush

My chavruta and I are learning Rav Arush’s book Women’s Wisdom: The Garden of Peace for Women. Listen to this front of the fridge-worthy quotation:

“Peace in the home invokes Divine Abundance and blessings. Through marital peace, a person can ascend spiritually and maximize his or her potential. Additionally, peace is the root and foundation of tikkun olam.

Marital peace is not merely a matter of convenience or quality of life. Rather, it’s the essential foundation upon which a person’s personal life and the entire world stand.”


Reprinted from Women’s Wisdom: The Garden of Peace for Women by Rabbi Shalom Arush, translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody. Learn more and order from Regarding donations or distribution contact 972-52-224-0696.

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  1. That was actually the very first “jewish” book I ever read. I don’t know how it happened that it was my first… but it was. What a strange but beautiful place to get acquainted with Judaism. It will always have a place in my heart.

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