Meet this Week’s JewishMOM: Baltimore’s Sheva Givre

Meet this Week’s JewishMOM: Baltimore’s Sheva Givre

Sheva with her 3 children.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Tucson, Arizona which is a small desert town in the Southwest. There is not a large Jewish community in Tucson but there is something to be said for growing up in the desert on your own land. I never wore shoes and swam all year long. I miss my desert town all the time

Where do you live? Baltimore, MD

How old are you? I feel about 25, but I’m really 36

How old are your kids? 15, 4, and 23 months

If you are a WM, what do you do? I stay at home with my kids , and I’m still waiting for my paycheck. I used to be a preschool teacher but decided to quit working when my youngest was born. She needed a lot medically and developmentally in the first year.

Outside of mothering, what do you most love to do? I love art. I use to paint and illustrate. I don’t have much time for that nowadays, so I try to do a lot of small crafts that can quickly be put away out of the reach of little hands. I need to be constantly doing something with my hands, they ache if they are not creating something.

What school/university did you attend?
I went to the University of Arizona and majored in Fine Arts

How do you define yourself hashkafically? Lubavitcher. I am a true Chassid of the Rebbe! The teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe touch my Neshama so deep, and in that raw place that many of us never even get to experience. I am so thankful I have been able to experience that real and holy place within me through the Rebbe’s teachings.

Are you FFB or Baalat Teshuva? BT, but its been so long now I often forget.

What’s your favorite part of being a mom? Ummm EVERYTHING! From waking up to the sweetest faces in the morning to their tired eyes at night. I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember and I love every day of it, even the hard stuff. I thank Hashem every single day for the three amazing brachas I have.

My husband and I suffered through 10 miscarriages to be able to have our three children, and that struggle helped us to appreciate the true blessing a child is. I went to many doctors and some of the finest specialist and each one said there was nothing they could do for me. And then I had my first child. After that I was told that I probably would not have another child. That is when I had my second child. When two years ago I had my third child, my youngest, she surprised us all.

When I was diagnosed with leukemia, the doctors discovered that I also have a form of Lupus that is connected to the leukemia and that is why it is so hard for me to keep a pregnancy. Recently, I was told by the doctors and a Rav that I will not have any more children. And honestly, for the first time in my life, I feel a calm about that. I no longer feel the familiar desperate feeling of wanting more.

I’m not sure if that’s because I am really done or because Hashem has another great surprise in store for us. Whatever the answer is, I can’t wait to find out.

What’s the toughest part, for you, of being a mom? My medical issues. I have dealt with the terrible C-word and it forces me to become the mother I don’t want to be. Tired and sick. I thank Hashem a million times a day for healing me and for giving me the energy to be that mom I want to be. I truly witnessed a miracle!

What’s the best advice for moms you’ve ever received? To have fun, and stop sweating the small stuff. I often ask myself, “Is it worth it?” Is it worth it to stress over the laundry and the mess when those are precious moments that I could be spending with my kids. The laundry will get done, and the mess will get picked up, but those precious moments with our kids are lost forever.

Just enjoy your kids, play with them and listen to them! They are amazing little people living under the same roof, enjoy them!

Can you tell us about your blog, My Shtub? I try to write about my life, the good and the bad. My goal is to be honest. The frum world can be very secretive and I wanted to break some walls down.

We women need each other, and there is so much inspiration out there. Everyone has a story, but so often we keep it hidden inside. When I had my daughter and when i was diagnosed with the big “C” I decided I was going to share my struggles, joys and fears. Why do it alone when there is an entire community willing to do be there with you every step of the way?

How is it different mothering a child with Down syndrome? My daughter brings so much joy to our home, we love and accept her completely without barriers or judgment. We truly believe that Down syndrome is a blessing, and that that extra chromosome she was born with is a blessing too.

What is so different about raising her, really, is how the rest of the world acts towards her. I often have heard mothers say “Raising a child with Down syndrome is not so hard, it’s the rest of the world that makes it hard!” Everything about my daughter is amazing and I cannot wait to see her little almond-shaped eyes greeting me every morning, waiting to say Modah Ani. She is my dream come true.

Daughter Rozie with her Tatty. Definitely, definitely check out the My Shtub Blog for more GORGEOUS photos of Rozie and Sheva's other children.

How did you hear about From another blog.

How long have you been reading I think since it started, I try to stay on top of the Jewish blog world.

What’s your favorite part of I love the feature articles. I like reading about other moms and different perspectives while we all ride this same Jewish mom Boat.

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  1. wow i’m so glad to “meet” you sheva- you are such an inspirational mom, and you really do it all in fashion! i saw your blog when it was mentioned on jewishmom previously, and i’m so incredibly impressed by your artistic skills- your beautiful photography, the crafts you make, and even your good humor in writing. i really admire you for your strength and style!

  2. Great to meet you, Sheva. I am also from Tucson and I got involved in Yiddishkeit through Chabad at the U of A. I wonder if we ever crossed paths growing up.

    • I think i already moved by then, were you involved with the Winner family. They are wonderful , but they were not there yet when i was there, but i do know them . Rabbi Winner’s sister is one of my dearest friends here in Baltimore

  3. Hadassah Aber

    May you go from strength to strength in good health to enjoy all of your wonderful family. it is important to be strong to fight those that would exclude your daughter from opportunities to be with her peers in school and at play as she gets older. As a mother of a 35 year old Down syndrome son, I advise you to do whatever it takes to help her speech development because that is the crucial factor in how she interfaces with the rest of the world. Much nachas!

    • Thank you Hadassah, i agree and i am putting a lot towards her speech. I heard the same thing from a mother whose daughter with Down syndrome is 16. I just got certified in a speech course hoping to give her as much as i can on top of all her outside therapy. Thank you for the advice please feel free to email me with more tips i really need and want them.

  4. It was such a pleasure to read Sheva’s interview. I also hold a special place in my heart for Tucson, AZ. I went to school at the U of A and fell in love with the Tucson community. Great mommy advice. I would love to meet this awesome mom!

  5. I loved all your photos in your blog! You should seriously consider becoming a professional child photographer with a stylish difference…

  6. Please forgive me for using this space for my personal need!

    I need to speak with Hadassah Aber.

    Hadassah, would you please email me at
    Urgent. Thank you!

    Pardon me for that. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE VERY MUCH and wish you, Sheva, and your entire family good health and strength and joyous good times together


  7. I just wanted to update here that miraculously 4 years after this article was written our family welcomed a new baby girl !! The doctors can not explain how it happened after everything I’ve been through medically, and at 41 yes old. BH Hashem had different plans!

    • MAZEL TOV!!! So happy to hear your wonderful news πŸ™‚
      be’ezrat Hashem we should only hear of more great things in klal yisroel. enjoy your new precious neshamaleh!

    • Mazel Tov Sheva! I’ve been missing your blog, so happy that it was being pushed to the side in favor of bigger and better things! Much nachas only from all of your KA”H adorable kinderlach!

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