wow, this raising kids thing is taking forever by Teresa Strasser

wow, this raising kids thing is taking forever by Teresa Strasser

This made me smile…Thanks to Ayala who sent this to me in response to last week’s “I’m Going CRAAAAAAAZY!” post:

Older parents all say the same thing when they see a couple with an infant.

It goes by so fast. Just cherish every moment. In the blink of an eye, he’ll be in college. You won’t believe how fast it goes.

Is that right? At risk of sounding like a totally ungrateful jerk, what I truly can’t believe is that taking care of a baby/toddler can be so tedious and terrifying and boring and confusing that it can actually make time stand still. Sorry, I love my child madly, but I’m just telling you, he has the ability to stretch space-time.

In your face, Science, because I know for a fact that while strolling a newborn around a reservoir again and again or singing “Rainbow Connection” to a toddler thrashing around wide awake in his crib, I have looked at my watch only to be certain that time has actually stopped. Many times in my two years as a parent, I have experienced five-minute chunks of time that felt for sure like hours. I’ve had to check my phone against my watch just to be sure it wasn’t broken. No, my devices were still in order. I had just entered the mom time zone, where the second hand is weighted not with molasses, but diaper paste…

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  1. this was seriously funny!!!!!! thank you for a great read and a good laugh.

    and since the kids were all in bed, time flew, of course ….

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