The Miracle of Conception (10-Minute Video)

The Miracle of Conception (10-Minute Video)

WOW! This TED Talk is a must-see for every mom. I found it so moving to see this emotional Yale professor explain why he has come to believe that the intricate, wondrous creation of a new baby can only be explained by “Divinity.” What a wake-up call for us moms, a reminder that every single run-of-the-mill pregnancy is such an incredible miracle. The video contains phenomenal images from conception to birth.



  1. wow! that was amazing!! thank you for sharing, it’s such a wonderful visual representation of the miracle of pregnancy

  2. This moved me so much. I feel humbled and in awe that Hashem chose us women to be a part in this human creation.

  3. Really spectacular footage. Just wondering, though, why you deem this a “for women only” video. On the contrary, I find this to be a video whose point is the marvel that is humanity — both male and female. I see nothing that would be inappropriate for men in this at all…

    • I thought the image of a naked woman at the end of the video wouldn’t be appropriate for male viewers.

  4. I’m sorry. But I don’t agree. All males c their wives at some point naked. (hopefully often!!) and it’s not like it’s a real image anyway….
    On the contary, I think men SHOULD c it and understand how it all happens!!

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