Vote for Your Favorite JewishMOM Chanukah Miracle

Vote for Your Favorite JewishMOM Chanukah Miracle

Here’s the list of awesome participants in our 1st ever Chanukah Miracle Festival…The grand winner will receive $100! Don’t forget to cast your vote below:)

#1My Kever Rachel Miracle Baby by Aliza Neveloff

#2My 11/11 Miracle by Stephanie Frumkin

#3My Blind Son’s Miracle: When a Test is All Chesed by Daniella Levy

#4My Twin Birth Miracle by Sasha Mail

#5My Miracle: My Daughter the Cancer Survivor by Wendy Berezovsky

#6My Miracle Pregnancy: A Mother’s Tears by Rachel and Gavriel Horan

#7A Miracle in Hungary: Sentenced to Life by Miriam Yehudis Steiner

#8My Husband’s Miracle: A Return from Death’s Door by Hodaya Shachor

Now’s your turn, JewishMOM, to vote for your favorite miracle….
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  1. This was a most awesome idea for Chanukka. My only comment is that there was truly no need to make it a competition: Firstly, anyone who experiences one of Hashem’s miracles is a winner! Second: no prize could possibly ever do justice to the divine delight of the gift of Hashem’s mercy and compassion.

    I’m sure all the blessed miracle moms out there would have been only too happy to share their experiences without the lure of competition ….

  2. Ya its really hard to chose ..I dont want to belittle the other miracles becuz they are all byfar chesdai Hashem…but I think just reading them over hanukka made me so greatful for so much…thanks for keeping me in focus of Hashems mercy.

    • It’s not like anyone’s belittling any miracle and we’re not playing G-d either. The winner does not mean that their miracle is better than everyone else’s. People are just voting on their favorite story i.e. the one that moved them the most. Or like me, the one person that they know.
      I keep seeing people commenting that they don’t like that it’s made into a contest. Contests and voting are fun and that’s what this is. No one is saying one miracle is cooler than the other.

      • thanks sara, I didn’t realize that people were taking this so seriously…I just thought this would be fun and get people to read all the miracles, which I think are so inspiring, and really make us see Hashem’s hashgacha in the world. I don’t really mean to say that any miracle is more awesome than the other, just the one that people found the most moving, I guess.

  3. may hashem send srenghth to all the families. thank you for sharing your stories with us.

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