Only 24 Hours Left to Win $1800!

Only 24 Hours Left to Win $1800!

It’s either us or them.

At present, Nachlaot’s 400 plus children are living side by side with the inhumanly cruel predators responsible for the largest pedophile case in Israel’s history.

This situation is a ticking bomb. Until these pedophiles are in jail none of Jerusalem’s children are safe.

And within this grim reality, I feel hopeful.

I know that Hashem is crying for Nachlaot’s children who have suffered and continue to suffer so much. And I know that we, the families of Nachlaot, b’Ezrat Hashem, can and will take Nachlaot back from these evil pedophiles.

But we cannot succeed in saving Nachlaot’s children without your help…

The cost of waging a serious legal battle is staggeringly high.

Please purchase as many raffle tickets as you can to support the Save Nachlaot’s Children Fund. IY”H, 100% of money received will go towards the legal battle to put the Nachlaot pedophiles into jail. The drawing to win the grand prize of $1800 will take place this Purim (a maximum of 1000 tickets will be sold.)

Click here to purchase raffle tickets for the Save Nachlaot’s Children $1800 Raffle
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In order to make a US tax-deductible donation to the Save Nachlaot’s Children Fun, please contact me.

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  1. Daniel Newman

    I bought and I am asking others to buy. May you be, b’Ezrat Hashem, victorious.

  2. Done. Yesher Koach for bring light to darkness.

  3. Ayelet Bernstein

    this is a great thing to do.
    thank you,

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