The Duggars of “19 Kids and Counting”: A Day in the Life (7-Minute Video)

The Duggars of “19 Kids and Counting”: A Day in the Life (7-Minute Video)

I can’t get enough of these videos about huge families, I find them so inspirational…I love Mrs. Duggar. She is clearly so pumped to be a mom and to keep her mega-sized household functioning. I love seeing how being a mom is her mission in life, and she is on fire with it! I wish that I was even a tenth as organized as her, something to aspire to…Enjoy!

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  1. The video is very nice and they are inspirational. However, they are a little extreme and make a bigger deal than it needs to be. I thought the Chabad family was much more realistic. There are many families in Jerusalem with 12, 13, 14 and their tables aren’t 1/4 of that size, nor do they have pantries! With a family that size, they could do a shopping twice a month. And likely don’t need an industrial kitchen. I’m sure it makes it easier, and I’m glad for them, but it sounds like some hype. Like adding up how many dozen eggs a month. How many dozen have we each used this week?

  2. I agree. It’s not realistic. Our household this week of Pesach consists of almost double the Duggar family, numerically speaking, and we don’t need five Suburbans, two mini-vans, etc etc, to get around. Clearly they are exaggerating, I have no idea why. Nineteen children and two parents – that’s 21 people. Two Suburbans seating nine in each and a mini-van would do perfectly, even counting shopping and storage space.
    And the number of eggs was played down. Did she say five dozen per month? that’s so little. we go through five dozen a week when we DON’T have any Pesach guests, just our medium-size family.
    And that tremendous buffet?!?!?!?!? That’s a BREAKFAST? come on, that’s a sheva brochos!
    Verdict: Not realistic. Looking for drama where there is none.
    Just curious– why would they want everything in one closet? Easier to put away clothes, I can see that, but what if a few people need to get their stuff all at one time?

    • I LOVE the idea of a family closet! We practically have one now near the washer/dryer. It saves so much time with putting away clothes it’s for sure worth it. Everyone’s clothes are stored separately but in the same general area – why is that a problem if multiple people need clothes? Not too much different than 2 kids sharing a dresser!

      Ideally, also, we take out the outfit we’re wearing the next day and put it in the bathroom so no closet drama in the morning!

  3. My problem with giving all this attention to the large goyish family is that we have so many more inspiring large families in our own community! If you get people into watching and following the non-Jewish family, they will soon stumble upon all of the very non-Jewish quotes on their home page. Let’s get our true inspiration from true yiddishe families!

  4. None of the Yiddishe families seem to be as open to publicity!

    • JewishMom

      actually, on this site we’ve posted inspirational articles/videos about two extremely inspirational large frum families–the nivins and the zalmanovs of Tsfat. I’ll post the links later (in the meantime you can search for them in the search box above. highly recommended!)

      • Fascinating. What a comparison. The Zalmanovs and Nivins are really, truly inspiring. They are doing so much with so little materially, and with so much spiritually. I want to grow up to be like them! Thank you for those stories!!!!

      • Of course we’ve had some brief glimpses. The Duggars, however, have entire websites and series devoted to them. Those of us who are looking for inspiration for large families aren’t satisfied with a single article or two!

  5. I didn’t see the video but i do watch them on tlc and i don’t know if it mentions in the top video but they are all home schooled and very well behaved and religious. And i think it is a very nice inspiration.

  6. I admire the fact that the Duggars follow many of the Old Teastament practices, such as having their boys circumcised on the 8th day.

  7. I regularly visit a blog called Soule Mama, written by a mother of five homeschooled children and producing a lot of things herself (knitting, sewing, food from their garden, even soap…). I find it very interesting although it’s not about a jewish family, but it is inspirational, they leave close to nature, making their own maple syrup and more… and the author writes all the time how thankful she is for every little thing they have

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