Interview with Daughters of MK Orit Struk, Mother of 11

Interview with Daughters of MK Orit Struk, Mother of 11

New Knesset member Orit Struk with her husband and 11 children KA"H

Dasi and Sari Struk with their brother

Dasi and Sari Struk

Orit Struk’s 13 year-old twin daughters, Dasi and Sari, agreed to be interviewed by the Israeli children’s magazine Otiot for this week’s issue.

Sari: I’m happy that Eema was elected. At our school in Kiryat Arba, the teacher wished us “mazal tov” in front of the whole class. Also our friends had nice things to say. It’s great to be able to say, “My eema is a Knesset member.”

Dasi: Sometimes people recognize her on the street when we’re together. The truth is she was a well-known person even before she was elected, so this isn’t so new for us.”

Question: Did you visit the Knesset?

Dasi: Of course! We were at the Knesset already 4 times. Eema was at the Knesset, and we visited her there. For me, the Knesset’s just a regular place, not especially exciting.

Sari: Eema always worked hard. And I’m certain that also now she will continue to work hard. It’s true that we are 11 children, but the big kids are already all married or have moved away from home, so we still get to spend time with eema. Even though she’s very busy, she still manages to make us sandwiches before the school bus comes in the morning. And if every now and then she needs to leave early, then my father makes them.

Question: Did you think of suggesting to her proposals for new laws that would help teenage girls from all over Israel, such as a law to lengthen summer vacation or distribution of pudding during school breaks, for example?

Sari: The truth is that we haven’t thought about it. I believe that my mother will do good things in the Knesset. In Israel, there are lonely people, people who have lost relatives, sick childen who can’t be with their families for the holidays, and there are also children with difficult life circumstances. I am certain that eema will help them. She’ll also guard the Land of Israel.”

Question: What it is like to live in Hebron?

Dasi: On a day-to-day basis, it’s not always special or exciting, like somebody who lives in Jerusalem doesn’t always notice that she lives near the Temple Mount, but on special occasions, such as on Shabbat Chayei Sara, we suddenly remember how unique this place is.

Sari: Living next to Maarat Hamachpela is a great privilege. We love being close to the Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

Question: So, what is your eema’s next step? Prime minister?

Sari: I don’t think she’s aiming for that…

Question: Will we also see you walking around the halls of the Knesset as a Knesset member in twenty or thirty years?

Dasi: Politics? That’s a complicated business, not for us. I want to be a dancer when I grow up, and also Sari wants to dance. We are very connected to that.”

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