Nachlaot Pedophile, Binyamin Satz, Sentenced to 15 Years

Nachlaot Pedophile, Binyamin Satz, Sentenced to 15 Years

B”H, at 1 PM today Nachlaot Pedophile Binyamin Satz was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexual abuse of the neighborhood’s children (click here to learn more about the Nachlaot Pedophile Crisis).

The parents of Nachlaot have been waiting over two years since Satz’s original arrest for this day. And I would like thank Hashem for his kindness and for this sweet and long-awaited taste of justice.

Please help to provide psychological counselling for the young and struggling victims of Satz and other Nachlaot pedophiles.

But if there is one thing I have learned over the past 2 years it is that we cannot realistically expect the police to single-handedly keep our kids safe from the plague of sexual abuse.

Look at these shocking US statistics, JewishMOM:

–1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys is molested by the age of 18.

–90% of victims knew their molesters (30% are family members and 60% are non-family members such as neighbors, family friends, coaches etc.)

–Experts estimate that less than 50% of sexual abuse cases are ever reported to the authorities (and rates in the Orthodox community are even lower)

–The FBI estimates that there is a sex offender living in every square mile of the United States.

–Most child molesters are able to molest dozens of children before they are caught.

And now, here’s a shocker…


And another shocker…


I am sorry to scare you, JewishMOM. But for our childrens’ sake, we have to educate and protect our children to keep them safe.

The police and legal system can help, but this is our job.

An important first step is reading over these suggested guidelines by Rabbi Horowitz of Project YES and having a conversation with your kids to protect them from sexual abuse…

4 Rules to Protect Your Children from Sexual Predators

(1) NO SECRETS! – Teach your children that nobody is ever allowed to tell them to keep a secret from their parents
(a) Remember that your children actually do listen to you, even though it might not always seem that way
(b) A predator always tries to get the child away from their parents. Often the predators accomplish this by telling children that they’ll give them a treat if they keep a secret.
**Tell your children, “If anybody tells you “Don’t tell Mommy or Daddy, you come tell us right away and we’ll give you a treat!”
(c) Story: I once made this presentation to a group of parents…. a full year later, one of the teachers inmy school was making surprise flowers for Shavuos, and the teacher told the kids, “Shhhh, this is a surprise – don’t tell mommy or daddy!” The students were dismissed at 4:15 and by 4:18 my cell phone started ringing because the kids were telling their parents about the teacher’s secret, and asking for their treat – the parents were so excited. This approach REALLY WORKS!
(d) Another Story: There was a substitute school-bus driver one day. A child said, “Who are you, I don’t know you!” That child felt uncomfortable and wouldn’t get on the bus and ran back inside to tell his mother. The mother called me and asked what she should do. I told her, “He listened! You go drive him to school yourself, and get him a treat on the way!”

(a) You must teach your children that their bodies are private – nobody is allowed to touch them and take from them in that way – just like nobody is allowed to take their backpack or their snack.
(b) Analogy: Have your child imagine that a family has gone out to dinner and they’re all eating soup and the kids range in ages from 3 to 15. A stranger just comes over and starts sampling each person’s soup. A 5 year old, even a 3 year old would start protesting, “Hey! This is my soup!” Explain to your child, “My body belongs to me, just like my soup.”
(c) Start thinking like a predator in order to sensitive yourself to dangerous situations (just like a good lawyer or judge has to think like a criminal)…
(d) At a very young age train your children by encouraging privacy. Teach them “This is your drawer” “This is your room” “This is your toy” “We knock before coming into rooms”


(a) Many child victims explain that they didn’t feel they could say “No” to an adult. We must teach our children that they can say “No” if an adult does something that makes them feel uncomfortable.
(b) Story: I was spending some time with my grandson, and I told him, “Dovi, when I play with you, if you don’t like something, just tell me. You don’t have to do anything that’s uncomfortable for you.” We were reading “The Three Little Pigs” and when we got to the part about “Huff and puff and blow your house down” I would blow on Dovi. My grandson, who is not even 4 years old, told me very respectfully, “Zaydie, please don’t blow on me, I don’t like it.”

(a) You should tell your children: “Nobody should touch you on the parts of your body covered by a bathing suit except Mommy or Daddy or your grandparents when we bathe or dress you, and the doctor when he examines you. Be very specific, and be careful to provide NO GLOBAL WAIVERS FOR “FAMILY MEMBERS” or “PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW”…BY DOING THIS YOU’RE MAKING YOUR CHILD VERY VULNERABLE!!!!!!!!
(b) Many predators are family members who are charming with great social skills. Predators have a sickness. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO IT COULD BE.
*Example: Mel Levine, a brilliant writer and speaker and advocate for special-needs kids was a sexual predator. Recently over 50 people in their 40s and 50s started coming out and saying that Mel Levine molested them during childhood when they were undergoing psychological evaluations. And this man was world renowned with millions of followers.
(c) Be prepared to get a lot of false positives.
Example: Your child tells you: “A person bumped into my tush on the playground.” Take it seriously, don’t dismiss it. That would confuse your children. Don’t say, “Oh, that’s not what I was talking about”…Instead, discuss it: “He should not be touching you. Who was it? What happened? If this happens again, please tell me about it.” You should take it seriously. (Because if inappropriate touching does seem to be happening often then there might really be something to investigate).

• Your anxiety level when discussing this topic with your children should be pretty low (like 2, 3, 4 out of 10 – otherwise children will get so nervous they won’t be able to concentrate. (The other extreme of no anxiety during this conversation is also not OK, because your children will mistakenly think that this is not such an important conversation, like a request at the dinner table that they not chew with their mouth open, etc.)
• Have a general talk with your children about safety issues (i.e. sharp knives, fire safety, crossing streets) and then lead into this topic…This will make you more comfortable.
• Many children will ask, “Why would anyone touch me there?” Tell them, “There are people out there who are really unwell. It’s not a healthy thing to do and there are people that like doing this to people.”
• Children who are totally naive about their bodies are the easiest to molest. Serial molesters were interviewed in jail and they said, “Show me a child that’s naive and I could do whatever I want to him”
• Tell your child: “Just like we have alarms on our cars and locks on our door, I wouldn’t and you wouldn’t go into someone else’s house, but there are people who do…. likewise, there are people who touch other people’s private parts.

Predators rarely go from 0 to 60 with children they totally don’t know. Usually, they abuse children who know them…. and over time more and more lines are crossed.
Possible examples of line crossing: An uncle tickles his nephew. Or someone says to keep a secret from parents…

General PARENTING issues related to maintaining open relationship with your children
You really need to have a close relationship with your children. They must be comfortable telling you that something is uncomfortable for them.
(1) Get in the habit of having your children share their day with you from a very young age. Ask targeted questions rather than generic questions. ***MAKE SURE TO ASK YOUR CHILD AT LEAST ONE TARGETED QUESTION A DAY.”
Example: ASK “How was your chemistry test?” or “How did it go with that boy on the bus?” (rather than a generic “How was your day?”)…Continue conversations from previous days…remember what you spoke about. Really listen to your child with your full attention.
(2) Teach your child that they can discuss ANYTHING with you – even if you’re not going to like it. Tell your kids you want to know about it, “Even if it will upset me.”

Tell your child, “If there’s something going on in your life, I’d rather know and be upset than not know at all.”

Hurt people, hurt other people…. So many molesters were victims of molestation themselves…and never got help to work through it.

Our children will be safe when every single parent talks to the kids about this.


If your neighbor’s children get abused, your children are vulnerable


This presentation of “Speaking to Your Children about Personal Safety” is presented as a community service of The Center for Jewish Family Life/Project YES. Our “Keep Our Children Safe” initiative is designed to raise awareness among parents about the importance of speaking to their children about safety and personal space.

Or watch the full 33-minute class by Rabbi Horowitz:

Through our efforts, may our children be so strong and aware that not one will ever fall victim to sexual abuse ever again– please Hashem!


  1. i am happy to hear that this pedophile will be off the streets for at least 15 years

    personally i’m for giving convicted, proven, confessed pedophiles the option: castration or imprisonment

    good for you Chana Jenny that you are publishing this important information because of course you are right, it’s up to us the parents

  2. ruth cohen

    well that is amazing considering that this crime normally even gets any kind of punishment here at all. a few years if you are very lucky. least one is out of the way.

  3. Susanna Rossen

    Great news! I agree with Rishe except think that jail is the punishment meted our for the offence and castration a for of natural consequence since we know that it cannot be cured. Some experts even argue that castration doesn’t really address the problem completely. Well 90% aren’t so bad. Once again Mazel Tov!

    • Hadassah

      castration in not a cure, the sickness is in their brains! and hands are used to molest children – are we for cutting off their hands? I don’t think child molesters can be cured but we must prevent our children from becoming victims.

      • Yocheved

        Cutting off hands and heads is OK with me. If it were my daughter (G-d forbid), I’d be the one to volunteer for chopping duty.

  4. The irony that a righteous Jew like Sholom MOrdechai Rubashkin should be sitting for so, so many years!

    Meantime pedophiles get 20 years with an option for reduced sentencing for “good behavior.” What kind of good behavior is molesting children and destroying lives??

  5. Chaya Rivka Carasso

    Chana Jenny,

    I am so happy that the pedophile was caught. When I was 4 years old in the Bronx, very early on a warm summer morning, it was safe to let a young girl go by herself and sit outside and sit on the steps of the house to play with a doll.

    A dirty man stopped and offered me candy if I would pull my panties down. I told him my mother told me I should never pull my panties down for anybody but my mother. He asked again, offered more candy. I refused. After several tries and as the street began to get more active, he left.

    In my 4 year old baby way I told my mother who later, with my father took me to he police station. Being a very observant child, I gave a pretty good description. Nothing happened, but actually much happened. As a pure, sweet child, that upset stayed with me for years. It was the first time an adult spoiled my happy childhood world.

    Pedophiles do more than touch and abuse. They touch our minds and abuse our thoughts, even when just a few feet away.

    Thank you for educating parents. It is an important dilemma that must end.

  6. this is amazing news, and you posted wonderful advice. I hope the sentencing will bring a small measure of relief to the abused children.
    What is happening with the rest of the molesters…

    • JewishMom

      2 other Nachlaot pedophiles (“B” and Zalman Cohen) are awaiting trial. The others are roaming freely around Nachlaot and other parts of Israel and the world. Only 3 out of 100 sexual offenders are ever arrested…and in Nachlaot too, only 3 were arrested out of this whole ugly crew.

  7. You are to be commended for posting the article above. It would be unwise for people to breath a sigh of relief and forget about being on guard just because this one criminal is behind bars. As you so well put it, there are many more like him out there. The scariest thought is that children are victims of family members including step fathers, brothers, and even fathers. We really need to have our personal radar on full alert and listen to our children silent calls for help.

  8. it is good news that this guy is off the streets for now but I just can’t understand the justice system… This is without a doubt one of the very worst crimes humanly possible and it should incur a life-sentence. Why should anyone ever have to worry about him again?! “Good behavior” in prison should allow him nothing in terms of the freedom to roam near children again. I know this is stating the obvious, and I appreciate your reality check that parents have a lot of work cut out for them and must play an important role in protecting our children via education and communication. May H-Shem protect every single child!

    • Susanna Rossen

      I agree! I also think that somerhing is wrong with systems that allow so many perpetrators to roam freely. They are, after all, contaminating innocence, taking and taking away from healthy lives. There are so many, that the courts are overloaded wth this scourge,I feel for somerthing so vile no punishment should be exempt. Life in prison or if that proves too costly I would not wince at humane death. That is what we do with rabid animals that are a danger to society and incurable.

  9. Yocheved

    I started “predator proofing” my daughter when she was two. She’s B’H almost 10 now, and we still go over the rules, role play, and talk about dangerous situations. Because I made it part of our over all safety plan, like a fire drill, it’s become part of her everyday thinking.

    One of the things I did was give her a code word when we play tickle games. Instead of “no”, she yells “ENOUGH!” – and I immediately pull my hands back. This helps teach her that even though she’s little and I’m and adult, she has full power to set boundaries with her body, and can tell me what I can and can’t do with her.

    Also, if someone grabs her without warning, she bites HARD! 😀

  10. JewishMom

    I apologize for mistakenly posting that Satz had been given 20 years. He was actually given 15 years, and could be given another 3 without warning if he displays problematic behavior.

  11. Thank you for the amazing piece from Rabbi Horowitz. Do you by any chance have a link to the original article or was it transcribed from his video? Thanks!

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