Miriam Biton, Mother of 14 (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

Miriam Biton, Mother of 14 (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

In honor of the 19th Gimmel Tammuz, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe to feature an interview with Miriam Biton, a mother of 14 from Kfar Chabad. The Rebbe and his Rebbetzin, Chaya Mushka, never had any children. However once, when a child visited the Rebbe’s home, he asked the Rebbezin, “Where are your children?” And she responded that, in fact, she does have children, “The Chassidim are my children,” she explained

Western society tends to present having children as something that TAKES from us. Children take away our money, our freedom, our leisure time, etc. etc. But the Rebbe was responsible for a dramatic paradigm shift in thousands of parents’ attitude towards having children. He taught us JewishMOMs that children don’t take from us, they GIVE to us. They give us (as Miriam Biton explains) nachas and fulfillment and Godliness and bring Moshiach closer. Whether we are mothers to two children, or fourteen, like Miriam Biton in this video below. (FYI, the photos featured above are not connected to the Biton family, there are several family photos featured in the video below.)

Forward video to 47:03 to see interview with Miriam Biton. (Translation below). If you cannot see video, click here.

My name is Miriam Biton. I live in Kfar Chabad. I am a teacher by profession. I’m married and I am a mother to a “Yad Chazaka”– fourteen children, may we be blessed with more.

To raise fourteen children, bli ayin hara, is several things. First of all, it provides fulfillment. Incredible fulfillment. You say to yourself that the thing that people most yearn for is my world. And thank G-d, the Holy One Blessed be He gave them to me. And all I need to do is extract from them all of their abilities and goodness.

I wake up in the morning and I know that it is fun for me to get out of bed in the morning because I can see their colorful diversity, get them ready for school, get them organized.

And I can greet them when they come home with a smile and everything that goes along with it. This is something full of beauty.

Of course it’s difficult. But the question is how you take things. Look, there are two aspects to motherhood: one aspect is spiritual and one aspect is physical.

From the spiritual aspect, our sources teach that if you bring a child to the world then that is bringing down G-dliness. You are bringing down G-dliness to the world. And who would turn down an opportunity to do that? It’s something impressive, amazing. That’s one thing.

Secondly, this is our chain, our family chain, and we are linked to one another.

And the third, and this is very, very important, is the issue that every person who brings these souls down to the world brings the Moshiach closer. And is there anything more wonderful than that?

Try to think or ask somebody, “Are you willing to give up one of your children?” What? You could even ask differently…Ask, “What is the thing that you most, most want in your life.” I am sure that [almost] every person would say, “First of all, children.”


  1. Chaya Rivka Carasso

    Is something wrong with the video. You wrote 3 minutes but it says over an hour.

    Thank you,

    Chaya Rivka

    • JewishMom

      the section I translated is 2 minutes long, it starts at the time I mention in the post

  2. I listened to all of the interviews and I’m really happy that you translated another one, since each had something wonderful to add. Very impressive was the mom who summed it up by saying something about how her children work together, help each other, do things for her. That a parent with two children who whine, fight, and don’t listen can’t imagine having any more children, but that isn’t what she was experiencing. (not exact translation – as I didn’t sit and transcribe it.)The children feel needed, wanted, loved, and cherished because not just the parents express love towards the child all the siblings do!

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