Vote for $100 6-Word Contest Winner…

Vote for $100 6-Word Contest Winner…

JewishMOMs, I SO ENJOYED reading all of your submissions this week– over 250 of them! It was extremely challenging for my 6-Word-Contest Committee and me to choose the semifinalists out of so many excellent submissions, but here you go…our 24 semifinalists. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite 6 words describing the life of a JewishMOM. This poll will close at 12 AM this Tuesday.

In addition to your submissions, I wanted to share some fantastic 6-words I received from some celebrity JewishMOMs (in alphabetical order)…

Rishe Deitsch (Editor Nshei Chabad Newsletter): “Love your kids? Love their dad.”

Bracha Goetz (Children’s book author) “Helping each neshama shine, polishing diamonds.”

Sara Debbie Gutfreund (Writer for Binah and “Chance to give, way beyond myself” and “Pure precious neshamahs, gifts every moment.”

Yael Mermelstein (Writer for Binah and author of several books) Up and down and up and……

Sara Yocheved Rigler (Holy Woman author and writer for “Motherhood: Challenge, joy, challenge, joy, JOY!”

And my six words? I was completely stumped until this Shabbos when I thought up: “Goal: emotionally, physically, spiritually thriving grown-ups.” And I also love the 6-word saying: “If Mom ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.”

OK, JewishMOM, get set, ready, VOTE! I’m loving this contest so much…(I’m including a glossary of Hebrew words below the poll)

[polldaddy poll=7312604]

Hebrew word glossary:
Hashem= God
Bli Ayin Hara= May I be guarded from the Evil Eye
Chuppah= Wedding Canopy
Nachas=Pride and joy


  1. What an amazing contest!

    I have been enjoying your blog for more than a year now, and thought it was about time I stepped out of the shadows and into the light… to say “thank you!”

    You’re creating something truly brilliant over here. I wish you hatzlacha raba and much nachas,

  2. These are great! Can we vote for a few? Hard to choose just one!

    • yep, only one. I know it’s hard (was tough for me too to choose just one) but that’s the only option on this type of polldaddy poll…

  3. Please clarify with a follow-up: “12a.m. Tuesday” = do you mean the end of Monday at midnight or the end of Tues at midnight? Thank you!

  4. How come we can’t vote for Rishe’s? I like hers most =)

  5. I didn’t think it would be so respectful to them– cause even if one wins, three of our “celebrities” won’t:( Though a comment is a nice way to vote for them too:)

  6. Menucha Chana Levin

    Unfortunately I found out about this contest too late to enter.
    But this is what I would have submitted:

    Alternate moments of nachas and tzorris.

  7. Would love to read the full list at the end of the contest!

  8. My 6 words would be:
    Amazing People I Get to Guide

  9. Here’s a suggestion: we can all try to sum up the positive essence of each of our children in 6 words , just as an “ayin Tov” excercise after the looooong summer vacation….

  10. keep smiling

  11. Just received a good one from a Nachlaot jewishMOM: “Shabbos brings little rest for us.”

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